…Behind the scenes with Amy, a Foods of New York Tour Guide

Hello past & future Food Tour Participants!

And welcome to my Food Journey…

After four years (and counting – I’m still here) of working as a culinary tour guide for FOODS of NEW YORK TOURS, I became hungry for more…

I decided to take a little (de)tour and embark on a journey through the world of food – and I wanted you to join me (virtually) in my exploration.

Week by week, for the span of one year, I will go BEHIND THE SCENES and spend one day (Thursday) experiencing (growing, milking, chopping, mixing, baking, tasting & delivering) a unique aspect of food.

My goal is to document the personal stories of the local growers, artisans and moms and pops who cultivate and cook our food for us.

Tune in – go behind the scenes with me – and follow my progress! Click on the main page to follow along.

And be sure to take a Foods of New York Tour – that is where the idea was born and I will be going behind the scenes and writing about MANY of the places you will experience on the Food Tour!

Delicious Thursdays:

52 food adventures for one hungry girl.

Find my stories here:

3 responses to “Tour

  1. sasha grossi

    thanks. finally somebody loves food in the same way i did when i start cooking, and honestly you are the first human being to give me the opportunity to love again what im doing about 14 long years and i was losing my passion about my job but after what i saw in your site you gave me new emotions
    thanks amy sasha from palma restaurant

  2. Lola Dyer

    Joie de vivre at it’s finest. What reminds us of life and family more than FOOD?
    Inspiring idea!


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