Up next: Bleecker Street Pizza

Visit me on Thursday, October 29, 2009 at:
Bleecker Street Pizza, Bleecker St & 7th Avenue, NYC
10AM – 2AM
After my day on the job I will be blogging about the experience.
Be a part of it! Eat my Pizza! Read my stories!
Got any pressing Pizza questions? Send me a note and I will ask them for you!

Thursday #1 - Bleecker Street Pizza


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7 responses to “Up next: Bleecker Street Pizza

  1. AC

    Hi AMy,

    Congrats on your website and on your 1st (or 2nd) Thursday. It looks and reads great. Does Bleeker Street Pizza serve vegan pizza? This vegan wants to know! Thanks and good luck.


  2. Jamey

    Hi Amy,

    Congratulations on your blog and I truly look forward to following your progress. The flavors from Bleekers pizza were truly delightful last night, and so was your personality!

    Best of luck to you,


  3. hi Amy !
    It was truly a pleasure to have you work with us at Bleecker Street Pizza for a day….and you REALLY can work hard ! Thank you for sharing your insights and your keen perspective as a culinary professional ….
    You are always welcome in our kitchen.
    Thanks again , Tony & Greg and the rest of our team at Bleecker Street Pizza.

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