4 responses to “#10/52: French Culinary Institute

  1. Aunt Pauline

    I was cooking for at least 30 years before I bought myself a good set of knives. I guess I feared someone (of course other than myself) would slice their fingers off…..I have my fathers’ stone to sharpen them and good knives do make a difference…..still working on my techniques…..that’s a lifetime of learning….some of us are slower than others…apt kitchens are a challange, but you’d be surprise what you can produce……keep it up!

  2. Fran

    I took a cooking basics 101 class at the french culinary inst. — and the thing that stuck the most was that you need good equipment. He said if you’re going to spend money on 1 thing, it should be a chef’s knife. Which I did. Best decision ever! Since then I’ve slowly increased my tool kit… and it really does make a difference.

  3. It’s true. Good equipment and good ingredients will make a good dish. And we’re not talking gadgets here, good knife, good pan….It’s funny how you will see fewer items in a chef’s kitchen, than a housewife’s!

  4. Yu

    Chef X is awsome~.

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